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Meadow Art Batt

This carded art batt artistically blends together a range of extra fine 19 micron merino, mulberry silk, tussah silk, and angelina fibers. Using these blended creations helps you to achieve more variation in your fiber arts projects, and it speeds up the creative process. The batts are made with skies, water, and nature in mind. Use the wool “as is” in your project, or tear off bits and pieces. The art batt is perfect for wet felting, nuno felting, needle felting and spinning. Each one is hand made. While the same amounts of fibers are used in each batt, there will be variation in the final product. Each batt will look unique. This is part of its charm. Choose a one ounce or two ounce batt. The batt in the photo is two ounces.

1oz – Approx. 6″W x 24″L
2oz – Approx. 20″W x 24″L

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