Renata of Renata Felt
Renata of Renata Felt

Renata of Renata Felt creates gorgeous felt paintings that look like watercolors. Her work inspires me to think of new ways to use wool. Renata uses merino rovings for the base. She felts the base some before she starts to paint with wool. She uses Maori carded wool, wool nepps, linen fiber, and wool preyarn for painting. Maori carded wool is Renata’s favorite wool. We sell it in 51 lovely colors.

Renata also holds workshops in Europe. The sunflower and the cow featured here are creations of participants in her workshops. The other pictures are photos of Renata’s work.

Check out her Facebook Site for more info: and her etsy site:

Renata offers tutorials for instant download and a beautiful book! Check out the tutorial here:

Photos used with the permission of the artist.

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